About Me

Hi there! I'm delighted you stopped by for a visit!

My name is Lauren and I'm a North Carolina girl who followed the love of my life to Orlando, Florida. I spend my days in the classroom with some pretty fabulous sixth graders, and most of my evenings are spent in This Little House with my best friend (who I just so happen to be married to) and our sweet pup and kitty.

After moving to Orlando, I began to deeply miss the simple beauty of a small town and the comfort of cozy mountain homes, so my husband and I are bringing a little bit of my North Carolina roots to our Florida cottage. I invite you to follow me in my journey of loving where you are and embracing simplicity in This Little House.
My husband, Caleb, and I.

Our Golden Retriever/Lab mix pup, Boone.

Our rescue kitty, Tibby

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