Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Plan

It definitely was not my intention to have waited so long to write this post; however, I've been suffering from "It's the beginning of the school year and I'm drowning in my teacher responsibilities" syndrome.  It's totally a real thing.  Luckily, today is actually the perfect day to write this post because my husband and I received some very exciting news, which I will share in just a moment.

But first, let me take you back to about 8 months ago...

My husband and I began to realize that our little house just may be too little for some of our future plans.  You know, the and friend visits to Orlando, babies, and any stray dogs or cats we may come across (I may have to talk my husband into that one).  I was ready to begin the house hunt and just knew that there would be multiple options and that we could be in a new house within just a few months.  I can hear you laughing now.  We love the part of town we live in because of its "small town feel" and vintage homes; however, we didn't love the price tag that was attached.  After months of searching and having multiple people tell us that we should stay in our house and fix it up, we finally listened and decided to make our little house exactly what we wanted it to be.

Fast forward to today....

After weeks upon weeks of meeting with our general contractor and figuring out what we envisioned for our little house, the official plans arrived today!  Here is the plan:
  • Exterior paint and siding update/replacement
  • Full-size porch on front 
  • Refinish hardwoods throughout existing house
  • Custom crown moulding throughout house and addition
  • Replace/update all fixtures
  • Full kitchen remodel
  • Dining room addition
  • 1 car garage addition
  • Laundry/mud room addition
  • Master suite addition (bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet)
  • Office addition
  • Full landscaping
  • Privacy fencing
  • Back deck

By the time we are finished, we will have doubled the size of our house!  I know this probably sounds like a crazy plan, but it gives us the space we need, makes more sense financially, and allows us to stay in our first home, which is so precious to us.  Compared to most, our house will still be a 'little house,' but it will be fully ours and we couldn't be more thankful.  I believe it is so important to make your home yours - it is a reflection of you and you deserve to have a space that brings you joy and peace of mind. 

I will be keeping you updated as the process begins, so be on the lookout!  Now, let's knock down a wall or something!

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